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Find Your
Player 2 Connection!

Join the dating & community
for geeks, by geeks!
key features

Are You Up For the Adventure?

\\Even with an arrow to the knee//


For Geeks by Geeks

You belong here in our dating & community experience created for geeks by geeks looking to connect with others that have similar nerdy  interests!  Swipe right for like and left for nope!

  • Inclusive for all geeks: straight, queer, and non-binary!

  • Easy to use!

  • GeekELove digivolves to_________! It's ever evolving! Just like you!


Choose Your Quest

Whether a sony pony, xbox fanboy, otaku, or cosplayer-filter your wants and needs in your player 2 on this app and only get matched with folks that are into it too!

  • Filter for what you want!

  • Find who wants it too!

  • Ready your player 2!

  • PC master race? Playstation's are Great? or Xbox in 1st Place? Find geeks who you can connect to!

  • Gamer buddies, monogamy, poly, and whatever else in between!


Team Up

The Lounge (1)_edited.png
The Lounge (1)_edited.png

Meet with like minded (hopefully) geeks looking for a connection. GeekE & Chill with your matches safely and rate the date.  Hopefully your connection will be a long lasting one!

  • Interact with fellow geeks in the Lounge!

  • Leave the lobby for a geekedate, on us (kinda)!

  • Join the random main and side quest events!

What We
Do Different!

\\Come weary traveler, we know you're tired of the same//


The Lounge

The Lounge is the community space for geeks to hang, chat, farm memes, and meet other geeks who want to break away from the screen! Make statuses with hashtags, post pictures, videos, or interact with your fellow geek's posts! This feature is always evolving so make sure you have your X stone ready for its newest level!


Drunk in Geek


Time to break the ice and play Drunk In Geek! The game is simple, pick a card out of the deck and follow whatever it says! Challenge your partner with geek quips, riddles, quotes, and fun as you turn up the way only geeks know how!


And if you don't drink, no worries- it aint no fun if the squad cant get none! Pour up your favorite juice and get in the deep end with your friends



Catch a vibe with someone you think is fly! Take them for a great surprise with GeekELove by your side! We have teamed up with locations in your area that are geek infused and inspired to take the stress out of common ground! Go out and hit the town!


Hotline Bling

Call your boo thing and let it ring! This will attract your Player 2 since you're doing more than others do! Get access to video and voice chat if they're feeling you! 


Main & Side Quests

Random quests might come to you so stay prepared! Get a chance to win free GeekELove items, gift cards, and more!

Our Awards:

Our Partners

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